Latergramz of my @secretstoreshop coach jacket 💕 and my favourite tote by @stayhomeclubofficial (…and my stolen pinwheel 🙌)
BEST PRESENT EVER! All the way from Japan. Thank you @chloeclefairy 💕💕💕
Earlier with @mariamm_s 👍
Bag of mayonnaise anyone? 👶
Day off, just me and my gerbs 🌼
Those balls are definitely going to end up falling on me in my sleep #tacky4lyf
Today’s potential 🍑
OB birthday bash was a bit fucking special 👌
💕 @tapatmywindow
We like 2 party 🎈
This guy was £60. Sad times 🐦
Thanks for my little rabb! @jen.collins 💕
Family trip to Ardingly this morning. No stuffed pigeons #sad
So it turns out my hair is an absolute shit to bleach. 5 packets of bleach and two packs of toner later and it’s definitely not brown anymore…! Thanks to @eloisebailey for playing hairdresser for millions of hours 💕😘
This job.