Such a sucker for neon 👌
Had a major late night packing session yesterday with @c_scrt  (at Secret Store HQ)
👌 (at Cay Tre Soho)
Love coming home to good post 👌
Sunday chillin’ with my new blanket from you-know-where 👌
If only she were as cute as she looks… #devilbun
#WIP It’s hard to paint with shaky hands 👎
Oh, I forgot.. 💔
Love my size 2 carpet shoes. ASOS you beauties 👌
Still ill but my super cute and teeny weeny Kanken mini arrived today so things aren’t so bad 🍑💕
My sick bed pal 🐰
Good morning, Sunday. I’ve been have crazy/creepy Lemsip dreams all night 🍋
Missing this little dribble pudding @secretstoreshop
Knackered. Not leaving my duvet ever again.